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Morning Glory

s on the subject of the taste of meat.▓ Marten had even dared to dream a wondrous dream▓, wherein he had pursued a Gargan●tuan

h.” The t▓rouser, well aimed, ended his speech abr▓uptly as I reached dry land.I worked, thereafte●r, with wide-open eyes; and bef▓ore the task was ended, caught sight of no less ▓than fourteen of the river gods of India. ● We regained the station in time for

Fragments of Iceland

beefsteak as broad as the arid plain below▓ Benares, in thickness like unto ●a native hut, across half the lan●d of India, only to wake as he was falling upon● it in the foothills of the Himal●ayas. “An’ the bloomin’ thing was ste●amin’ hot,” h

Om Du M?ter Varg

e driveled, as we raced for ▓the dining-room with a mob of or●dinarily phlegmatic roadsters, 343▓“an’ the juice was runnin’ out all over the f●ields”—we dropped into places at t▓he table—“an’ it was that blo●ody rare that—ah—er—wha—w●hat the devil’s this” he gasped, p●ointing at the plate before hi●m. “Eh” cried the superintendent, from ●the doorway. “I was askin’,” murmured Ma▓rten, “what kind o’ meat this● might be.” “That” smiled our port●ly host.“Why, ’tis dhried fish, to be sure.T●he day’s Good Friday, you’ll be remimb▓erin’.” So we were glad rather than s▓orry that the piety of the English re●ctor, to whom that power was deputed, forbade hi▓m issuing tickets to strande▓d seamen until the next day. Nothing sho●rt of a promise to set up a bottle of● arrack would have enticed another so●journer at the Rest outside its shady gro▓ve.I set off to explore the city ●of Allah alone.Life moved sluggishly i●n its broad, straight streets; for the day’s● inactivity of Europeans and Eurasians had clo▓gged the wheels of industry.Leper●s swarmed under the trees along the boulevard● passing the Rest—lepers male and female, w▓ith

The Meridian Sun

out fingers, or lips, or eyelids, some wi▓th stumps for feet, and others wi▓th great running sores where their faces ▓should have been.Still others had lo●st their vocal cords, so that their speech, as▓ they crept close up behind the pas▓sing sahib to solicit alms, was an ina▓rticulate gurgle. Great credi●t should be given to the Mohammedan women o●f Allahabad and beyond, who, with no Wor●th to do them service, display individu●ality of dress sufficient to attra●ct a flagg

ing attention.To be exact, it is▓n’t a dress at all, being merely a jacket a●nd a pair of thin, cotton trous▓ers, full above the knee and▓ close-fitting below, like riding-breech▓es.The costume originated w●ith its wearers, no doubt.Far be it from me, a▓t least, to accuse them of co▓pying the garb of the sahibs who gallo▓p along the broader thoroughfar▓es. We slept again under the spr●eading trees, and might have slept ●well, had not the spot chanced to be the rend▓ezvous of all the mosquitoes of the northwest pr●ovinces.With morning our host marched a▓way at t

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The Italic Mountains

he head of a band of wandering ●minstrels to carry entertainment to th▓e English rector.The performance endured beyond● all precedent.One by one the artists ▓straggled back to the grove, some glad, some sor▓rowful; and among the latter was Mar▓ten.In accordance with our plan to co●ntinue towards the Punj

Two Best Friends

  • ad late at night.The Stra●ngers’ Rest, vagabonds’ retreat a half● mile from the station, was ▓long since closed; but the Irish▓ superintendent was a light s▓leeper, and we wer
  • e soon weighing down two cha●rpoys under the trees of the inner courtyard. ● The jangling of the break
  • fast bell awake▓ned us.The Allahabad “Rest●” was famed
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